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Are you fabulous and passionate about making cool videos? Do you know how to google something yourself? Do you thrive in a gay environment? Do you care about changing the world for the better through memes? Give us your details, we'd love to chat.

About Queer Videography

Queer Videography is a video production company based in Salem, MA. We use humor and foolery to share and spread joy radically and rebelliously. 

To us, the term queer refers to more than just a gender or orientation. We use the term in its broadest sense: To be queer is to turn the system on it’s head. To look up when everyone else is looking down. To shout loudly when the overculture says to stay quiet. 

Queer Videography is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability. To be engaged, you must feel included and valued. To be sustainable, you must be actively creating sustainable systems and combating those that are not. We endeavor to create content and foster a work environment that brings in perspectives from many backgrounds, and assesses the impact we will make on the immediate and distant future. 

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