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Meet the Team

Jack Halliwell is a twink, fabulous gay trans nonbinary person living in Chicago IL

Jack Halliwell

       -(he/they) began his filmmaking career in highschool when he assisted Jasper Lior in making a documentary short about video game addiction. Since then, Jack’s passion for film continued - joining the Northeastern University Film and TV Production Club (NUTV). During an internship in Seoul, Jack directed a short video following a North Korean defector, her escape from dictatorship, and new life in South Korea as a budding florist. The film helped raise money for her flower shop. Jack also has a strong non-profit background in education and health, having worked for Peer Health Exchange (Boston), Massachusetts Children’s Alliance (Boston) and After School Matters (Chicago). Here he honed his skills for project management, fundraising and collaboration. Jack has a particularly strong affinity for cinematography and beautiful visuals. Jack is not just your basic gay, Jack loves cooking Pasta aux Crevettes au Citron et au Parmesan, travel photography, and has been on Grindr in over 30 countries.

Ilan Kapra

       -(he/they/she) is a videographer, writer, performer, visual artist, and costume designer. Ilan entirely is self-taught and has been employed in the entertainment industry for the last twelve years, working in Minneapolis/St.Paul MN, Mayaguez PR, Wellington NZ, and Boston MA. Through all these experiences they have honed a strong sense of theme, composition, timing. One of Ilan’s many strengths is their ability to apply their intuition for story telling and scrupulous attention to detail across many mediums. Their cinematography style is close and intimate. Ilan is always delighted by the unexpected and looking for that little detail that will tell the biggest story. 
Ilan grew up in a small town in the midwest and was homeschooled in an isolated fundamentalist Christian community. The transition from their past into their queer/feminist identity has been one of courage and healing. These collected experiences have left Ilan with a lot of gratitude, and a fierce appetite for joy. 


Jasper Lior

       -(they/them) is a nonbinary cartoon character of a human. They have been traveling the world and making films for the last eight years, and are the host of the Gender Euphoria Podcast. Their passion for storytelling is only matched by their love for noodles, puns, and fluffy kittens. Jasper has a direct and playful approach to filmmaking. Their signature sense of humor and fearless creative style combine to create outstanding and heartfelt work. They use humor and storytelling to process, learn, and educate on various intersectional topics. Their most recent work, Teranga, celebrates black joy and african wisdom through food, ritual, and culture. Their past works include, Video Game Addiction: An Exposé, Rain on Me (Unofficial music video), and Lip Sync for the Presidency. Their YouTube channel has almost 300k views. They have a BA in Media Arts from the University of Montana (Missoula), and Massey University (Wellington, NZ).

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