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X. K. Balashov

Prince Ivan and the Clockwork Heart

When a headstrong prince sabotages an important royal ceremony, his father sends him out into the world to set things right.

Director Loren Fink The Egg.jpeg

Loren Fink

Loren Fink is an animation major at the School of Visual Arts in New York. They love telling stories that feature cute monsters, robots, and/or aliens.

I created "The Egg" based on my experience discovering my nonbinary identity and subsequently having to hide from and deal with unaccepting family members. While gender epiphanies (sadly) don't normally come in the form of friendly monsters, I wanted my film to be relatable to others who faced similar problems as I have, and hopefully carry along the message that everything will be okay.

CONTAINS: Animated violence

Director Riley Church Thank You..jpeg

Riley Church

Thank you.

Poster LAZARUS.jpeg

Adrien Rolley


A man runs into supernatural problems while getting ready for a date.

Director Monami Roy Wot If.jpeg

Monami Roy

wot if

I am an animator and illustrator currently working on my next film "Katran ki Dukaan" which is an animated short film. I have been interested in this field for almost 15 years while practicing its craft for the past 4. It's been a learning process and I would love to continue making short films that get better and more relatable every time.

Director Robyn Romain Thinking of You (1).jpeg

Robyn Romain

Thinking of you

CONTAINS: talk of death

Two friends go on a walk to share memories and reconnect.

William Beachum
Lexi Clark


Dylan decides to ask the effortlessly cool Betsy to the annual homecoming dance. In this queer short film, Dylan learns the power of persistence

Poster Moonlight rendezvous (1).jpeg

Yu-Chieh Liu

Moonlit rendevous

Yu-Chieh Liu is a recent Pratt graduate with a BFA in Digital Arts. They currently reside in Brooklyn, NY surrounded by books and enjoying tea. Liu is a 2D animator, illustrator and motion designer who loves playing with color and working with both fluff and violence.

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