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Katya Mikheeva

Shall We Talk

CONTAINS: Homophobia

Katya Mikheeva was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. She studied animation at HSE DESIGN university. In 2020 she moved to France to continue her studies at La Poudrière school. Katya makes character-driven films, based on human relationships and the fun absurdity of daily life.

Two Beers Headshot 43e8e6970f-headshot.jpg

Zach Robinson

Two Beers

CONTAINS: Discussion of Porn, Bomb

Zach Robinson was born in Seattle and is currently attending Montana State University in the School of Film & Photography.

Parry Riposte Headshot 49826791f3-headshot.jpg

Goldbloom Micomonaco

Parry riposte

CONTAINS: Transphobia, Homophobia, Smoking

Goldbloom Micomonaco is a Director/Writer/Producer and Co-Founder of The Kitsch Generation is based in Toronto making music video and narrative fiction. Recent work includes shorts; Wet (2018), Parry Riposte (2019), They/Them (2021), The Mis(re)Education of The Invisible yet Furious Five (2021), and Ripples (2022). They have screened at Frameline, TIFF, Inside Out, NFFTY and more.

Will Flowers Photo 2 Still2.jpg

Kay Chan

Will flowers

Remnants_Headshot 6935bf04ed-headshot.jpg

Justice Schiappa


CONTAINS: Addiction, Blood, Death

Justice Schiappa is a Los Angeles based storyteller with a passion for character-driven coming of age stories and unwitting heroes. Although her first love is Star Wars, which sparked her ever-lasting affection for science fiction and space odysseys, her professional work as a writer, producer, actress, and director has ranged from interactive Triple-A titles to supernatural teen dramas and even comedy web series-- sometimes with musical twists. Despite the broad scope of genres and formats, at the core of all Justice’s work is her love and devotion to creating complex queer characters and rich worlds for them to explore and grow in.

The Comfort Zone Headshot e2f3ea7e54-headshot.jpg

Ran Yatim

The comfort zone

CONTAINS: Homophobia, Puking, Guns, Nudity

Ran is an award winning queer middle eastern filmmaker, born to a family immigrated from Yemen, and he has been living in the US for the past 10 years. Ran is a producer, actor, an upcoming director and creative director, working with clients as Sony Music, Lionsgate, Voltage Pictures, etc. It is his dream to create justice and social change through the entertainment industry. He has worked his way up in the production realm and is very excited to share his directorial debut with the world.

Wot If Headshot 950a72a24a-headshot.jpg

Monami Roy

Wot if

Monami Roy is an animator and illustrator currently working on their next film "Katran ki Dukaan" which is an animated short film. They have been interested in this field for almost 15 years while practicing the craft for the past 4.

Thank You 56046a3454-headshot.jpeg

Riley Church

THank you

Riley graduated from LC Anderson High School in Austin, TX in May 2020. They attended the Pratt Institute's Pre-College Program in 2019 in Brooklyn, New York, studying foundational fine art and sequential arts. Riley now attends the University of Texas at Austin, double-majoring in Radio/Television/Film and the Plan II Honors Program. In the summer of 2021, Riley attended the UTNY program in Manhattan to study urban communications and fine arts. Their films have been selected for over thirty-five film festivals around the world, and their art has made it to state level competitions.

White Horse Silver Mine Headshot 46852b42c1-headshot.jpg

Ziyi Jin

White horses silver mine

Having made several experimental and narrative shorts in L.A., Ziyi Jin went to Mexico in 2019 to shoot a short film "White Horses, Silver Mine." On balance, her works, by presenting human being’s pieces of life moments, have insight into “unsolvable” human contradictions under border cultural contexts. Jin’s background at college (UNNC) of cultural studies is the driving force behind her passion in analyzing cultural differences, and to her benefit of handling cross-culture situations in filmmaking. In 2020, she earned her MFA in Film Directing program at California Institute of the Arts.


Leo Woolley

Breaking the binary

Leo Woolley is bigendered and is super excited to educate more people about the gender spectrum while also being able to share different experiences.

Dancing With Gender Headshot f10d830edc-headshot.jpg

Jorinde Hol

Dancing with gender

CONTAINS: Animated Nudity 

Using visuals has always come naturally to Jorinde. As a child, they painted every wall and surface their little hands had access to. It gave them a way to express themselves, as having a stammer made it hard to put things into words. Though Jorinde has always been a quiet introverted person, as an artist They want to use their ability to visualize a message that needs to be told by way of animations and illustrations.

1987_Headshot 30978188cf-headshot.jpg

Isabella Kerrigan


CONTAINS: Homophobia, Bullying

Isabella Kerrigan is an independent film maker from Perth, Western Australia. For Isabella, she says "1987 is a passion project that I hold very close, I believe the story has heart and an important message".

Thinking Of You 67d83508c8-poster.jpeg

Robyn Romain

Thinking of you


Robyn Romain is an internationally award-winning animated filmmaker with a BFA in Character Animation from the California Institute of the Arts. They enjoy getting way too into trading card games, going on road trips and solving murder mystery puzzles. They don't like cheesecake, much to the disgrace of their Wisconsinite blood, but once ate an entire cantaloupe on their own at the age of four.


Lucas Liu


CONTAINS: Death, Suicide, Mental Illness, Blood

Lucas Liu is a film student at Swarthmore College. They say, “As a transgender young adult, I am familiar with feelings of disorientation and a fear of threats to my queerness. Strangely, I have always found comfort in psychological thrillers surrounding identity and reality, maybe because they validate an experience I feel alone in”.

Color Poetry Headshot 0bb8e37953-headshot.jpg

Tahura Khan

Color poetry

College reject Tahura Khan is no stranger to the industry. Having grown up on sets it was natural for her to pick up a thing or two. Through her discovery of filmmaking she found a great shortage of representation of the Queer community in the media and most mainstream projects are underrepresented, misrepresented or just completely conform to stereotypes. Tahura aims to create authentic South Asian Queer films that are made by and for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Moonlight Rendezvous Photo 2 still_2.jpg

Yu-Chieh Liu

Moonlit rendezvous

CONTAINS: Homophobia 

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