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Mini Doco Colab with Unpacked Living

When Jasper and I first stumbled upon Sabrina’s beautiful little shop, Unpacked Living - Beverly, MA we were on a quest for plastic packaging free toilet paper as our subscription was late. As glamorous as that errand was, it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

After several more visits to the store (for various other essentials completely plastic free) I finally asked Sabrina if she would be interested in creating a mini documentary of the story of her business. Of course she said “yes” and the rest is herstory.

Her knowledge and personality really shone through as we shot all afternoon. Not only did the camera love her but the neighborhood pups do as well. One Gud Boi visited and received many pets and treats. We also had a blast creating a stop motion soap opera. Check it out here

Sabrina Auclair embodies so many of Queer Videography’s values. Everyone on our team strives to shop as locally and as low waste as possible. Support your local business women of color!

Thank you Sabrina, you are a badass, entrepreneurial, Lady Legend! Sometimes things just work out and this was certainly one of those times. Happy one year anniversary Unpacked Living! Here’s to many more!


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